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It is almost truism to say that 90% of HK lacks a smashing. Hong Kong Bronx (黑勢力) (2008) - LoveHKFilm.com - Reviews of. The imaginatively-titled Hong Kong Bronx stars Jordan Chan as Neil, an ex-triad. . The film was produced by Wong Jing, whose father, Wong Tin-Lam. Hong Kong Cinemagic - Hong Kong Bronx Review: A talented cast cannot save this generic genre title from falling below even mediocre standards due to an under-developed script, muddled directing, bad. Hong Kong Bronx - sogoodreviews.com Hong Kong Bronx (2007) Directed by: Billy Chung Written by:?. Hong Kong Bronx - Movie - Overview, Reviews, Cast, and List of Episodes Film: Hong Kong Bronx (2008) | Chinese Movie Database Film: Hong Kong Bronx hei1 shi4 li4 (2008) | Chinese Movie Database Hong Kong Bronx Hong Kong Movie English Sub Download Hong Kong Bronx Hong Kong Movies Direct Download, Free HQ Hong Kong Bronx [HK-Movie] English Subbed Complete Episode Downloads, Download Asian Movie 720p|1080p Hong. Crunchyroll - Hong Kong Bronx - Movie - Overview, Reviews, Cast. Hak sai lik (2008) - IMDb . Why waste one, two,. Review by Kozo: Hey, yet another triad movie! Uh oh, Wong Jing is the producer. Hong Kong Bronx - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hong Kong Bronx is a 2008 Hong Kong action film directed by Billy Chung, and starring Jordan Chan. Hong Kong Bronx is a surprisingly enjoyable triad flick, all the way till the cliché finale. Or rather any movie with a "hero" trying to leave his old life behind

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